25 Of The Best Pinterest Boards In Education [Updated]

25 Of The Best Pinterest Boards In Education [Updated]

The Best Pinterest Boards In Education [Updated]

by TeachThought Staff

Websites, facebook, and twitter aren’t the only digital tools that can help you keep up with the latest trends, ideas, and resources in education.

While seemingly saturated with images that are simply links to downloadable, for-purchase products, Pinterest remains one of the most useful teacher improvement tools around. Compared to some of the toxicity that can be found on other social media platforms, Pinterest remains easy-to-use to the point of being addictive and over the last decade has clearly become a favorite tool of educators.

Many of these educators have amassed outstanding collections of edtech-related pins that teachers and students alike can use to explore new ways to learn, share, teach, and grow. While it would be nearly impossible to highlight every edtech pinboard out there, we’ve shared some of the boards we think stand out among the crowd here.

Many are maintained by major educational websites, key figures in edtech, and well-known bloggers, but others were created by teachers just like you who simply want to share resources and tips with others in education.

We’ve updated the list to reflect emerging education trends as well as a broader colection that’s not simply education technology so it could be (effectively) argued that these may not represent the absolute ‘best’ Pinterest boards in education but rather a diverse collection of many of the best Pinterest boards in education. We hope you find it useful.

25 Of The Best Pinterest Boards In Education [Updated: Actually 28]

TeachThought on Pinterest

While we don’t have the resources to dedicate to creating the kind of ‘Pinterest experience’ we’d love for you to have, we still hope that what you’ll find is a range of boards that we’re always reorganizing as education itself changes in terms of trends and resources from project-based learning to inquiry, critical thinking, blended learning, and more.

Women in STEM | Women’s and Gender Studies

Board description: “Let’s celebrate our female heroes in STEM! Now in its thirtieth year, WGS continues to build on its success as an interdisciplinary undergraduate program, providing a community for students, faculty and staff to participate in scholarly inquiry focusing on women and gender.”


Edutopia pins resources and articles about ‘what works’ in education, including project-based learning and whole child education.

NCTM – National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

NCTM describes themselves as “the public voice of mathematics education, supporting teachers to ensure equitable mathematics learning of the highest quality for all.”

Vicki Dabrowka, Ed Tech

Browse through hundreds of pins all related to educational technology from teacher and environmental educator Vicki Dabrowka.

Diversity in Eduation

This board is filled with resources for understanding–and teaching with and through–a modern lens of cultural diversity.

Teaching with a Mountain View

Board description: I could not ask for a more rewarding job! I have taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, been a TAG Coordinator, and a K-5 interventionist. <3 Teachers!

Shake Up Learning

Board description: Passionate educator dedicated to making a difference in student learning. I pin about edtech: Google Apps, iPad, apps, mobile learning, and digital tools.

Artificial Intelligence

There are countless pinterest board on artificial intelligence and this is just one we’ve noticed for the range of pins on the increasingly-important technology.

Teaching Poverty & Affluence

While not an ‘organization’ or thought leader or even a particularly active board, this resource and ideas collection on ‘teaching poverty and affluence’ is nonetheless absolutely worth your time–and a follow.

Patricia Brown, EDTECH

There are numerous videos, tutorials, articles, and other resources to help you learn how to better use technology in education on this very helpful board.

Vicki Davis, Teaching Ideas and Apps

Vicki Davis, better known as ‘Cool Cat Teacher,’ is a popular edtech blogger. Here she shares some of her favorite tools and ideas for using tech in the classroom.

Regina Hartley, Ed Tech

Library media specialist Regina Hartley offers up some amazing pins on edtech through this board, including some very useful infographics.

Fake News

Board Description: With the recent increase in the number of fake news reports, it is increasingly important to teach students how to evaluate websites and other sources of information. We have included articles, lesson plans and other resources to help educators teach information and digital literacy to students.

TeacherVision, Educational Technology

TeacherVision doesn’t just offer great resources on their own site. Teachers can also head to their Pinterest account and find great boards like this one, pinning dozens of valuable resources for teaching with tech.

TED Talks

Board Description: Ideas worth spreading. Beautiful photography, refreshing quotes and innovative design from TED.

ISTE, Ed Tech Resources

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) shares some of their favorite edtech resources on this board. Educators will find help in understanding Google, boosting media literacy, using tablets, and even links to free software.

Literacy Management Ideas

Board description: “Teaching ideas and classroom management resources for literacy, reading, and writing instruction. #literacyactivities #readingactivities #literacycenters #literacystrategies #readingstrategies #esl”

The Appilicious Teacher

Board description: An Applicious Teacher devoted to helping busy k-5 educators create engaging and exciting hands on lessons through classroom tested learning resources.

Kristin Brynteson, Ed Tech

From free apps for education to the best websites for teachers, this board is full of amazing pins.

Angela Watson on Classroom Management

A self-proclaimed collection of “resources, tips, tricks, and strategies for classroom management.”

Cult of Pedagogy

Board description: Teaching strategies, classroom management, book reviews, organization, and educational technology — everything to help you become the best teacher you can be.

Charity Preston, Technology

You’ll discover all kinds of new and innovative ways to bring technology into your elementary school classroom with the help of this pinboard.

Education World, Science & Technology

Board description: Add STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to your lesson plans & programs. Create a Makerspace area where creativity, collaboration, and hands-on learning take place. Students can try new things while they create, learn, fail, work with one another, and experiment.

The Empowered Educator

This Pinterest board is curated by “an Aussie Mum & early childhood educator. Sharing simple ideas, activities and educator resources to empower educators & support play based learning.”

Microsoft Education

Board description: Discover the very best in Microsoft lesson plans, tips, resources and more. It’s your classroom’s one-stop inspiration shop! #MicrosoftEDU

Shannon Smith, EdTech Essentials

Don’t miss out on this board, loaded with highly informational edtech articles and infographics, resource guides, and lesson plans.

STEAM Powered Family

Board description: We believe all children can learn, we simply need to adapt our techniques to suit the way the child’s brain learns. #Education #ChildhoodMentalHealth #STEAM

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