Bloom’s Taxonomy According To Jerry Seinfeld

Bloom’s Taxonomy According To Jerry Seinfeld

by Terry Heick

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a frequent topic for us at TeachThought, and for good reason. With its potential as an assessment tool, a curriculum framework, and a questioning scaffold, there’s little surprise it is among the tools most widely used across grade levels and content areas.

Which is why we often discuss it from a variety of angles. (One example? 249 Bloom’s Power Verbs.)

So you may find it amusing that someone has taken the traditionally dry and academic fodder and mashed it with the classic comedy series Seinfeld to create something unique. I saw it about a year ago, but couldn’t quite follow it. The Knowledge level episode didn’t seem to me like the best example, I had trouble following the Comprehension level example, and so I closed the tab and moved on with my life. (See the definition of Bloom’s Taxonomy to read more.)

But this video is finding its legs, with many educators sharing, liking, and pinning it, so I watched it again, this time with my wife who walked me through it, pointing out how each episode was a perfect fit. So enlightened, I am now comfortable sharing it.

If you haven’t already seen it, you can check it out below.

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